Support Desks

The Support Desk of Here to Support is open every Monday between 13.00 til 17.00hrs. in Amsterdam Oost. Location: Foundation Here to Support, Afrikanerplein 1, 1091 PN Amsterdam

The Saturday Help Desk is open every Saturday between 16.00 til 18.00hrs. in Amsterdam Oost. This is a collab between the foundations Migrante Netherlands, IMWU and Right to Create. Location: Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 112, 1093 XZ Amsterdam

The Support Desks are facilitated by NGO’s in the Amsterdam City Rights coalition. A team of documented and undocumented people will be there to answer your questions and listen to your signals. This team knows all the places in the city where health care, food supplies are organised for undocumented people. The team has connections with policy makers and many organisations in the city.

So come by for a coffee, tea, a listening ear and a lot of information.

For the rest of the week, we move around and you can always leave a message.

If you are unable to come to the desk, send an email to or a WhatsAppmessage to +31621235320 and we will check your question, if we can help or refer you to help. Please note: we support undocumented people from outside the EU. This is the expertise in our network.
Meanwhile.. download and check out our City Rights App or download the flyer ‘Know More About Your Rights‘. If you can, print this flyer two sided, paper size: A4 or A3 and fold it two times to the smaller size.