New in town?

If you have just arrived in Amsterdam it is difficult to find your way. There a many organisations in the city, for different groups and different needs. We would like to introduce to you the following organisations, that can help you navigate in the city*:

Wereldhuis, Stap Verder, for general information for all undocumented groups, in the Center and in Zuidoost. Open during week days.
Red Cross Support Desk, in the Center of Amsterdam. This Humanitarian Service Point is open from Monday – Thursday: 12:00-19:30, Friday: 12:00 – 16:15.
Steungroep Vrouwen zonder Verblijfsvergunning, general information and support for undocumented women and children
Dokters van de Wereld, Kruispost, for support and information on access to healthcare.
ACO (Amsterdams Centrum voor Ongedocumenteerden) /’Loket’, for information on access to the Municipal shelter.
ASKV and Vluchtelingenwerk (location Vluchtelingenwerk is at Surinameplein, WhatsApp 06-82105402), for legal advice. Please contact these organisations by phone or email before heading out to their locations.
Nieuwe Stad kerk for a hot meal and information, open Monday til Friday 10.00-14.00hrs.
Here to Support, Afrikanerplein 1 in Amsterdam Oost. Open every Monday between 13.00-17.O0hrs.
Saturday Help by Migrante and IMWU and the Right to Create, Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 112 in Amsterdam Oost. Saturday between 16.00-18.00hrs.

Check the google maps for these locations
You can alway contact us: to think along with you.

* Gemeente Amsterdam also offers information, check their website

I’m a rejected asylumseeker and I need shelter where can I go?
If you need shelter and you are a rejected asylum seeker, please register at Amsterdams Centrum voor Ongedocumenteerden (ACO), Houtmankade 334 (near Central Station), Monday to Thursday from 10.00 to 12.00. They need your name, country of origin, your V-number (your asylum request number from IND) to see if you fit the criteria for the Municipal Shelter.
Please note: If you are put on the waiting you will get support by the Red Cross; Ask at Loket, they can tell more about the specifics of this support.

Please Note: For people with a Dublinclaim there is no shelter in Amsterdam, but maybe there is if you are specifically vulnerable, collect information about this at the supportorganisations you trust.

I am new in town and I want an appointment with a doctor. Where can I go?
If you do not have a doctor yet, you can visit the Kruispost, this is a place where voluntary doctors work. The Kruispost provides medical and psychosocial care to uninsured and undocumented people in Amsterdam. You are asked for a donation, people who have an insurance will be asked to pay the full consultation fee (general rate).