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Founded in 2018, we are a coalition that consists of people without and with the right documents. We used to organize a lot of events and talks in the city. Yet, during the Covid-19 lockdowns we refocussed on the access to information. The urgency to inform people without a residence permit about their rights and where to go in Amsterdam for advice and help was very high. Since then this information has been put online. We try to update it regularly, so if you have remarks please contact us. Our City Rights App is always up to date and will be available for other cities soon.

Our motivation
People without a valid residence permit can and should be helped. They are citizens of Amsterdam and contribute to our city life, yet many are prevented from meeting their basic needs because of their lack of status. The city should take positive action to care for all of its citizens, whether or not they have papers, and have consideration and understanding for the vulnerable position in which many undocumented migrants live. #humanrightsinthecity

We have structured the information the following way:

Health care
Childhood and family life

Food and support
Legal assistance and other rights

Work and human trafficking
Education and adult education
Housing and shelter
Police and detention
Voluntary return to your country of origin

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