Amsterdam City Rights (ACR) is a coalition of citizens and organizations uniting for the rights of undocumented people.

The initial idea of ACR was proposed during the Basic Rights Festival in 2017. The founders wanted to form a team of people without and with the right documents. Idea was to work together and take collective action on a local level to create an inclusive society where everyone is part of. 

Amsterdam City Rights is by and for undocumented people, consists of active citizens, representatives of organizations such as Here to Support, Migrante Netherlands, Indonesian Migrant Worker Union (IMWU), Pinay Sa Holland-Gabriela, FNV Migrant Domestic Workers, Migreat, Right to Create.

If you – or your organization – wants to join, contact the team or feel free to join one of our meetings at the Here to Support office space. Contact us for more information 

Amsterdam City Rights offers a space to assemble on an equal basis, to share signals. We take collective action if needed. By amplifying the issues we create a pathway to possible solutions. Aim is to make Amsterdam the inclusive city it should be.

Send us an email or come by at one of our meetings!