Childhood and family life

In the Netherlands all children, including undocumented children, have the right to protection, healthcare, education and other basic services. These rights are set down in different laws, conventions and also in the Dutch constitution. Sadly, in daily life these rights are not known enough by people involved. Not knowing enough about the rights of children can cause severe problems for them. So that is why it is extremely important that all those who play a role in children’s lives are aware that all children have the same rights, irrespectively of whether they are documented or not. Even if you as a parent are undocumented, you can still receive support and assistance in the care of your child. Undocumented children should be protected and but also need be informed about their own situation. This is of course a difficult task for parents.

My child wants to join a football team, but I don’t have the money.
For a contribution of the cost for activities – sports, music, dance, theater, etc. – your child would like to participate in an application can be submitted to the Amsterdam Youth Sports Fund and the Youth Culture Fund. These funds also offer financial aid to all children in Amsterdam, so also undocumented children. For more information and the conditions for an application: and The applicationform should filled together with a social worker or somebody at an organization or school who knows about your situation.

I am unable to take proper care of my children , I lost my jobs, what can I do if I don’t have enough money to buy food? The voedselbank does not accept me, I am undocumented.
Food support is also possible for undocumentend people. There are numerous initiatives in the city, but you will some need assistance in finding this support. In Zuidoost: Stap Verder or Hoop voor morgen, Carabic. In the Center Wereldhuis, in Nieuw West contact the Pauluskerk, in Zuid De Lutherse Diaconie, in Noord Flora Kokjes, in Oost Eltheto Kerk, in the center St’Egidio or ask for information at your support organizations such as Migrante, IMWU, Pinay Say Holland, or in Mosques and Churches.