City Rights App

The Right to Information!
Access to information is very limited for undocumented people. Mostly because information is divided over various websites and organizations, and not bundled in one source. With this website and our ‘Know Your Rights‘ flyer we provide information. But we need to optimize the system!

Finding your way in the city
Many NGO workers, volunteers and other supporters of displaced people do not know where to refer people for support. This causes undocumented people to lack the information they need in their daily lives and in being self-reliant. That is why the team of Amsterdam City Rights with the support of the foundation Here to Support developed an app with all the information in the city. You can install the App on your smartphone!

The CityRights App is available in the App Store and Google Play Store: Amsterdam City Rights. The App is developed with the support of the foundation Here to Support in collaboration with More.It. Read more on the City Rights United page.