Return to your country of origin

There is support for people without a residence permit who wish to return voluntarily to their country of origin. To encourage voluntary return a number of schemes have been developed to provide a financial stimulus to those wishing to depart. This is paid for by
the Dutch government.

I am a domestic worker without the right documents, for years and years I took care of children and houses in Amsterdam, I financially supported my family back home. Now it’s time to go back to my family, to see my own children. How do I organize this?
If you want independent advice, contact IOM. This non-governmental organisation offers help to migrants worldwide. IOM in the Netherlands supports people without a residence permit who wish to return voluntarily to their country of origin. The benefits provided by the Dutch governement are usually not enough, if you think about the money you paid to come here.

I paid a lot to come here, now things are not working out. Is it possible to arrange some funding, so if I return to my country I can contribute in some way?
Yes, if you return to your country of origin you can receive money. An amount in cash and an amount ‘in kind’ which you receive in your country of origin. This can be used to invest in a new venture. Contact IOM for the latest amounts, it depends on your country, your personal situation and/or if you have medical issues.

The lawyer said I have a travel ban, what does that mean?
If you are a rejected asylum seeker, or if you have been discovered during a police control, that you staying here without a valid permit or an expired visa, then you have a duty to return to your country of origin. Because you are still in the Netherlands you are considered to violate the Dutch law. A travel ban of 2 years will be the result. If you committed a crime, the travel ban will be higher. Once you go back the travel ban will come into effect.