How can undocumented migrants arrange their vaccination and booster?

There are several options:

Without appointments at the RAI congress center in Amsterdam Zuid: check this link:

What brand of vaccination do undocumented migrants receive? Can they choose their own brand?

Undocumented migrants can choose for themselves whether they want the Janssen vaccine or an mRNA vaccine. If you choose Janssen you get 1 shot. If you choose mRNA you will get a shot twice, you have to make a second appointment and come back after a few weeks. (in the RAI there’s Pfizer).

How are the vaccinations for undocumented migrants registered in the systems?

The GGD registers your name and date of birth when you receive an injection. Your data is not shared with the police or the IND.

Do undocumented migrants receive proof that they have been vaccinated? And are these internationally valid to travel with?

If you have been vaccinated by the GGD, you will receive a registration card. This is not an internationally valid travel document. You need a DigiD to get an internationally valid travel document (sadly undocumented people don’t get a DigiD). You will also get problems in getting a QR Code, contact us via if you need information on that.

The Booster

– There needs to be at least a 3 months period since the last vaccination (2nd mRNA or 1 Janssen) or there needs to be at least 12 weeks after a positive test.

– When the flu shot has been obtained a booster shot is possible 2 weeks after this flu shot. If the undocumented person would like a flu shot after the booster shot, he/she should also wait 2 weeks.

Bring to the appointment

– Appointment Confirmation (if you made an appointment)

– Dutch/Foreign ID/passport (if possible)

– Vaccination proof

Are interpreters available at the vaccination site? And can you bring someone else with you who can help with translation?

GGD says that they speak different languages ​​at the vaccination sites. Or they can call in an interpreter who speaks your language over the phone. You can also bring your own person to translate.

Please check the website of the GGD (Municipal Health Authority) Amsterdam.

Answers to frequently asked questions

GGD Amsterdam:

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Phone numbers

Multi-lingual consultation hour: 06 34 26 49 38

Medical questions from citizens about their own vaccination, GGD Medical Information Service for Citizens: 088 767 40 80

Do you have general questions about the coronavirus? If so, please call the national information service: 0800 – 1351 (available daily between 08:00 – 20:00)

For questions about coronavirus that are specifically for the GGD Amsterdam-Amstelland, please call the GGD coronavirus information service: 020-5555202 (available daily between 08:00 – 20:00)