Amsterdam City Rights Market

Saturday 21 April. Visit our market!

1. rights x talk x food
Through conversations and food, we will talk about the rights of undocumented migrants which are excluded and
brainstorm how to achieve better rights for undocumented people!

2. fashion x we are not fit for the street
Everybody has the right for a safe place. Everybody needs to feel good

3. bikes x transport x borders x the freedom of movement
Demonstration on repairing bikes, do it yourself or together

4. art x freedom of expression
Meet the people that create art works and design products, learn how to repair.

5. information technology x
computer x education

We want access to formal education and work, we can follow informal courses or do cleaning jobs,
but what’s next.

6. get self-organized x vlogging
x living x cooking x events x sports

Meet the people that already organized themselves, take the initiative in their own hands

7. wellness x we all need it
Massage, hairdressing and make-up
demonstrations by the pro’s

market open from 14.00 – 17.00
// 14.00 – 14.15 introduction
// 14.15 – 16.45 demonstrations
// 16.45 – 17.00 talks about the day
// 17.00 hrs closing Market

// 17.00 – 20.00 hrs
// social program hosted by IMWU
karaoke x protest songs x
drinks x snacks

People without documents don’t have the rights to work, education and healthcare.
The efforts and values of these people are underestimated and they are not protected.